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​Studio is a full Garage Band Room Setup. 
Here's a list of our equipment:
  • 2 Roland keyboards with Amp
  • Peavey PA system, Mics cables & Stands (bring your own mics - if you don't have any, I will supply)
  • Full 7 piece Pearl Drum Kit (with double pedal) - heavy hitter bring your own breakables
  • Percussion equipment – tambourine, cow bells, maracas, etc 
  • Peavey Bass amp (head & cabinet)
  • Crate Guitar Amp (head & cabinet)
  • Fender Guitar combo Amp
  • VOX Guitar combo Amp
  • Music stands – Guitar stands – Cords
  • Bar Fridge – Water cooler
  • WIFI
  • Comfortable and Roomy – Great Sounding Room!
  • Air conditioning, Heated and Carpeted
  • On site bathroom
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