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About Corey

Corey Baskin and son, Lennon

Corey has been playing around with art here and there since he was young. His father was an artist which inspired Corey to start. There was always something pulling him away and not allowing him to focus on his talents. In 1988 he applied to Alberta College of Art and was rejected as he had never taken any art courses in high school. He didn’t pick up a pencil or paint brush until about 10 years later. And even then, he didn’t keep up his art for very long.

Not until April 6, 2014, when Corey was involved in a head-on collision and had a long road of recovery for his head injury. A few months after the accident, Corey started painting as a form of therapy. With the support and encouragement from his friends and family, Corey was painting every day and began selling his work to help pay his mortgage and support his 6 year old son.
It was a long road to recovery and a big struggle most days, but today, Corey is still painting and has started up his own mobile Painting Party business (canvas and wineglass painting). He does mobile or in house parties for groups, including family paint nights, kids parties, adult parties, corporate parties etc. He does commission work, prints, greeting cards and hand panted glasses as well.

Corey is also a drummer and piano player and attends jams around the city when he can to play with other musician friends. He also plays drums in a band called Gypsy Jess and the Pickpockets.
For the past 4 years Corey has set up a music rehearsal studio in his home for local bands to rehearse in. Right now he as converted his garage into a fully stocked and sound proofed rehearsal studio that is busy almost every day.

Thank you for your interest and time and Corey hopes that he can inspire everyone to keep our art community growing and to help everyone around us.

Please check out this website to see links to his other websites for the Painting party business, rehearsal studio and the Gypsy Jess band. Also, you can check out his children’s books that he has written (and are for sale) as well as his ‘words of wisdom’ blogs.

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